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Protein is Cash (PiC) is a hands-on, interactive workshop for high school teachers who are interested in learning about concepts in biotechnology and biomanufacturing and strategies to incorporate these topics into the high school curriculum. The workshops are four consecutive days, with each days' activities building on the laboratory experiments and lecture materials from previous days. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and a stipend of $55/day is provided for all participants.

Downloadable Resources
  • Protein is Ca$H Presentations:
  1. What is Biomanufacturing ? View as PDF, Download PPT
  2. Clinical Trials and the FDA
  3. Discovery Research and Cell Culture
  4. Downstream Processing
  5. Metrology
  6. Pipet Calibration
  7. SDS PAGE Electrophoresis
  8. Quality Control Biochemistry
  9. Transformation
  10. Transformation and Upstream Processing
External Resources:


protein is cash,introduction
Amgen Science -Intro to Biotech

 An overview of the science and technology of biologic medicines, along with a timeline and glossary from Amgen 

protein is cash,introduction
Biotech and Drug Industry Growth

Article -"Biotech To Dominate Drug Industry Growth"

protein is cash
Biotech the Community Way

Article describing how Community Colleges prepare students for biomanufacturing jobs

protein is cash,validation,quality assurance
Brief History of GMPs

Brief History of Good Manufacturing Practices - GMPs

protein is cash,presentation
Clinical Trials

PowerPoint slides on Clinical Trials from Protein is Cash workshop

protein is cash,sop
Column Chromatography of Green Fluorescent Protein

SOP from Protein is Cash

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