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Evolution Global - Evobiotalent.com
Evolution Global’s ongoing BioManufacturing series  provides an exclusive, in-depth analysis of key trends that will shape the future of biologic...
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At the Bio-Link National Summer Fellows Forum, participants learn new skills and techniques, examine and test exemplary curriculum models and course...
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Horizon Discovery Group has extended its CRISPR technology license to improve the performance of CHO cell lines for biomanufacturing.
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Big Data: NGS Big Data Issues for Biomanufacturing Right Approach Can Bring Significant Economic Benefits and More Regulatory Freedom...
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 Making the Call: Quality in Biomanufacturing,” is an interactive educational video series developed by Bio-Link and Pellet Productions, Inc. that...
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PharmExec.com; Biopharm Dive
 The biopharma industry supported nearly 854,000 direct jobs, another 3.5 million jobs, more than $1.2 trillion in economic output in the United...
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 Novartis has been toppled as the industry's biggest seller of prescription drugs. The EvaluatePharma World Preview 2016, released today, reveals...
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BioPharm Dive
Biotech companies, Kite and Juno, are ramping up commercial manufacuring capacity for T-cell cancer therapies or CAR-T  
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 Biosimilar development is a highly skilled, multi-step process and requires extensive understanding of the reference product”. Amgen resource...
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BioPharmaDive- April 13, 2016
Biosimilar development in the U.S. appears to be gathering momentum, following the approval of Celltrion and Pfizer’s Remicade copy by the Food and...
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 " The 3rd edition of the Trends in Biosimilars Report strives to provide timely and useful information on some of the crucial biosimilar issues...
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Browse upcoming biology and biotechnology educational resources including academies, workshops, and conferences. 
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Biotechnology Innovation Organization
  According to a report examining the economic value of bioscience innovation, U.S. bioscience firms employ 1.66 million people, a figure that...
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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Single-use technology will continue to grow, but downstream processing remains the fly in the ointment for overall, or wider, adoption, says...
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 Blood banks will use the new test, co-developed by Hologic and Grifols, to screen donated blood in potential endemic areas of the US. Test will run...
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 Chinese group has become the first to inject a person with cells that contain genes edited using the revolutionary CRISPR–Cas9 technique. The move...
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Bioprocess International
 Education and training topics in the biopharmaceutical industry.  Created by BTEC at North Carolina State University and BioProcess International
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 The CRISPR Pioneers... Their breakthrough work could change the world
Tarrytown, NY based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc recently announced an agreement with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority...
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BioPharm Dive
  The FDA has cleared Janssen to switch production of its HIV drug Prezista (darunavir) from batch to continuous manufacturing, the first time it...
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Biopharm International.com
"With the increasing number of biopharmaceutical products, especially monoclonal antibodies, entering different stages of development and...
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Bio-Link webinar series. Webinar topics include: Understanding CRISPR/Cas 9 and Genome Editing, Interactive movie dessigned for teaching concepts in...
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Fierce Pharma
 After months of work under the radar, GlaxoSmithKline committed to entering the Zika R&D field, announcing on Thursday that it’s pairing with...
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 Six years after the first antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) was pulled from the market, the pipeline is once again filled with an array of potent new...
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WuXi Apptec has opened a facility in Philadelphia offering chimeric antigen receptor T(CAR-T) cell therapy manufacturing.
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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News
Four of NBC2's biomanufacturing hub schools are located in the nation's top ten biopharma clusters, as determined by Genetic Engineering &...
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NBC2 Co-PI Mike Fino, Biotechnology Faculty and Department Chair at MiraCosta College in San Diego, CA, recently participated in an interview about...
The Times-News
The recent mini-BIOMAN Conference, Stem Cells in a Regulated Environment, held at Alamance Community College July 19-21, was featured in the local...
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Montgomery County Community College
Montgomery County Community College offers a four-day BIOMAN Academy for free to area high school students to introduce them to careers in science...
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A new virtual learning module on single-use technology in upstream processing, developed by Quincy College, is now available to the biotech community...
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The first in a three-part series published by Genentech, this article explores the complex process of manufacturing a biologic drug.
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