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Evolution Global - Evobiotalent.com
Evolution Global’s ongoing BioManufacturing series  provides an exclusive, in-depth analysis of key trends that will shape the future of biologic...
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Horizon Discovery Group has extended its CRISPR technology license to improve the performance of CHO cell lines for biomanufacturing.
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 Making the Call: Quality in Biomanufacturing,” is an interactive educational video series developed by Bio-Link and Pellet Productions, Inc. that...
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Browse upcoming biology and biotechnology educational resources including academies, workshops, and conferences. 
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Bio-Link webinar series. Webinar topics include: Understanding CRISPR/Cas 9 and Genome Editing, Interactive movie dessigned for teaching concepts in...
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At the Bio-Link National Summer Fellows Forum, participants learn new skills and techniques, examine and test exemplary curriculum models and course...
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