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Protein is Ca$h Resources

Protein is Ca$h workshops are designed to introduce the concepts of biotechnology to high school educators and provide information about biotechnology and biomanufacturing career pathways. 

During the workshop, educators are introduced to the concepts of biotechnology and biomanufacturing by conducting a series of experiments on the expression, purification and analysis of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).  Lab activities include bacterial transformation, purification by column chromatography and SDS-PAGE analysis of GFP. Instructional materials for the workshop include a laboratory manual and Powerpoint presentations for the lab activities, and information about the specific kits used in the workshop.

Below is a collection of materials that educators can use to help them incorporate hands-on biotechnology laboratories into their existing curriculum.

  • Protein is Ca$h Workshop Resources:
  • Protein is Ca$h Laboratory Manual

  Click Here to view PDF or download 

  • PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Experimental Kits used in PiC Workshop and Manual
  •   List of Workshop Kits
  • Example Agendas used in PiC Workshops
  •   Example Agendas

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