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  • Introduction to Biomanufacturing Cover

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Teaching skill standards, audio and video of biomanufacturing topics, presentations on biomanufacturing, and all of our standard operating procedures (SOPs) in one place. 
Skill Standards

The information below and on linking pages details the NBC2 Harmonized Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Skill Standards. These standards were first...


Bioprocessing Part 1: Fermentation Bioprocessing Part 2 - Separation and Recovery Bioprocessing Part 3- Purification FDA Inspection Preparation...


Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: Challenges and Opportunities Beyond Traditional Pharmaceuticals A Scientist’s Journey Biomanufacturing...

Standard Operating Procedures

⇰ Affinity Chromatography of HSA SOP ⇰ AKTA Pure Operation SOP ⇰ Anion Exchange Chromatography of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) using the AKTA...

SOP from Pichia pastoris - HSA Core Production Manual  
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