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In 2019 NBC2 and Montgomery County Community College hosted a STEM Career Pathways Conference providing high school teachers and counselors an opportunity to engage with industry professionals and college educators. Throughout the day they gained insight about current and emerging technologies, heard about successful STEM career pathways, and learned about rewarding and in-demand careers.  Both the morning and afternoon sessions kicked-off with an engaging and informative keynote presentation. These presentations were reccorded so that teachers could share them with their students, click on the titles below to view: 

Dr. Randy Weinstein, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, Villanova University

In Dr. Weinstein's keynote presentation he speaks about the qualities needed for engineers, including problem solving, risk taking, curiosity and creativity. Engineering is not only for students who excel in math and science.

“We need to think of engineering as the liberal arts degree of the future,” he says, noting that students will need to have good oral and written communications skills, as well as critical thinking ability.

Dr. Weinstein highlights the various types of engineering fields – mechanical, civil, computer, electrical, agricultural, biomedical and chemical – and the broad range of jobs they encompass. He asks teachers to encourage students to follow their passions when exploring careers and to consider different options


Dr. Michele Myers & Dr. Pinar Cicalese, Cell and Gene Therapy Product Development, GlaxoSmithKline

Drs. Myers and Cicalese talk about the rapidly growing field of cell and gene therapy, which holds great promise in the treatment of diseases. Companies, they say, need trained and motivated staff from many disciplines including bioscience, chemistry and engineering, all working together to make these medicines a reality for all the patients who could potentially benefit. With the increased approval of these types of therapies in recent years, there will be an increasing demand for professionals for these companies. 

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