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Protein is Ca$h Resources

Protein is Ca$h workshops were developed by NBC2 to introduce the concepts of biotechnology to high school educators in a hands-on setting, and to provide information about biotechnology and biomanufacturing career pathways. 

During the workshop, educators are introduced to the concepts of biotechnology and biomanufacturing by conducting a series of experiments on the expression, purification and analysis of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).  Lab activities include bacterial transformation, purification by column chromatography and SDS-PAGE analysis of GFP. Instructional materials for the workshop include a laboratory manual and Powerpoint presentations for the lab activities, and information about the specific kits used in the workshop.

Below is a collection of materials that educators can use to help them incorporate hands-on biotechnology laboratories into their existing curriculum.

  • Protein is Ca$h Workshop Resources:
  • Protein is Ca$h Laboratory Manual

  Click Here to view PDF or download 

  • PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Experimental Kits used in PiC Workshop and Manual
  •   List of Workshop Kits
  • Example Agendas used in PiC Workshops
  •   Example Agendas

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