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Standard Operating Procedures

Affinity Chromatography of HSA SOP

⇰ AKTA Pure Operation SOP

Anion Exchange Chromatography of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) using the AKTA Pure System SOP

API 20E Microbial Identification SOP

Applikon ez-Control Bioreactor Controller Operation 

Batch Culture of CHO DP12 Cells for Production of Anti IL-8 Monoclonal Antibody  SOP

CHO DP12 Spinner Flask Culture for the Production of Anti IL-8 Monoclonal Antibody SOP

Batch Culture of E. coli Recombinant for Jellyfish Green Fluorescent Protein SOP

Batch Culture of Recombinant tPA Secreting CHO Cells SOP 

⇰ BATCH RECORD: Anti IL-8 mab Production from CHO DP-12 Cells

BATCH RECORD: GFP Production from E. coli Upstream Processing

⇰ BATCH RECORD: HSA Production from Pichia pastoris Downstream Processing

⇰ BATCH RECORD: HSA Production from Pichia pastoris Upstream Processing 

⇰ BATCH RECORD: tPA Production from CHO Cells Upstream Process

⇰ BATCH RECORD: tPA Production from CHO Cells Downstream Process Biologics LP System

⇰ BATCH RECORD: tPA Production from CHO Cells AKTA Pure Chromatography Operation

Spinner Flask Cleaning and Autoclaving SOP 

Biologic LP Chromatography System Operation SOP

BioLogic LP HIC Chromatography of GFP SOP

BioTek Elx 8080UI Automated Microplate Reader SOP

Buck Scientific BLC-20P HPLC Operation SOP

Buck Scientific BLC-30G HPLC Operation SOP

Cation Exchange Chromatography of tPA using the AKTA Pure System SOP    

⇰ Characterization of GFP using BLC-30G HPLC System SOP

CHO DP12 Spinner Flask Harvest

Column Chromatography of Green Fluorescent Protein SOP

Conversion of Microalgae Lipids to Biodiesel SOP

DAPI  (4',6-Diamidino-2-Phenylindole, Dihydrochloride) Nucleic Acid Fluorescent Staining SOP

DAPI Staining of CHO-K1 Cells SOP

Degassing a Solution by Helium Sparge SOP

Calibration of Ohaus Pioneer Electronic Balance SOP

Denver Instruments APX 323 Balance Calibration SOP

Denver Instruments APX 323 Balance Operation SOP

Denver Instruments PI 403 Balance Calibration SOP

Denver Instruments PI 403 Balance Operation SOP

Denver Instruments SI 4002 Balance Calibration SOP

Denver Instruments SI 4002 Balance Operation SOP

Detection of rabbit IgGs using ELISA Immunoassay SOP

End-of-Run tPA Process: Harvest, Centrifugation, pH Adjustment SOP

Eppendorf Research Plus Performance Verification SOP

Eppendorf Research Plus Pipette Operation and Maintenance SOP

Establishing and Scaling-up a Microalgae Culture for Biofuel Production  SOP

Filter Validation SOP

Fisher Accu 124 Balance Calibration SOP

Fisher Accu 124 Balance Operation SOP

Fisher Accu 124D Balance Calibration SOP

Fisher Accu 124D Balance Operation SOP

Gilson Pipetman® Operation and Maintenance SOP

Gilson Pipetman® Performance Verification SOP

Glucose Determination Assay Using Spectrophotometry SOP

Glucose and Lactate Concentration determination using the YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer SOP

Gowning for Entry into Biomanufacturing Suite SOP

Gram Stain SOP


Human tPA Activity ELISA Kit SOP

tPA Total Antigen ELISA Kit SOP

IL-8 Western Blot using iBLOT Dry Blotting System SOP

Ion Exchange Chromatography of tPA on the Biologics LP System SOP

Isolation of mAb (anti IL-8) from Conditioned Media by Protein A Affinity Chromatography on the AKTA Pure System 

Purification of Anti IL-8 Monoclonal Antibody from CHO DP12 Conditioned Media using Gravity Flow Protein A Chromatography

Kodak EKTACHEM DT Pipettor SOP

Kodak IBI Biolyzer Operation SOP

Labconco Purifier Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Operation SOP

Lactate Determination Assay Using Spectrophotometry SOP

LAL Assay Gel Clot Method SOP

Leica DME Microscope SOP

Lysine Affinity Chromatography of tPA on the AKTA Pure System SOP

M Air T Millipore Air Tester SOP

Microalgae Lipid Extraction and Separation by TLC for Biofuel Production SOP

Millipore Pellicon XL Tangential Flow Filter SOP

Millipore Tangential Flow and Diafiltration Using Pellicon XL Device SOP

Monoclonal Aggregate Testing by HPLC Analysis SOP

Mycoplasma Testing SOP

⇰ Myoblast to Osteoblast: Analysis of C2C12 Differentiation Using BCIP/NBT (5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate / nitro blue tetrazolium) SOP

New Brunswick BioFlo 3000 Bioreactor SOP

Oakton PC 700 Bench Series pH/Conductivity/C/F Meter SOP

Operation of AKTA Pure Chromatography System SOP

Operation of Harvey Sterilemax Autoclave SOP

Operation of Life Technologies Countess II Cell Counter SOP

Operation of Logos Biosystems Luna-FL Fluorescence Cell Counter for Fluorescence Cell Counting

Operation of MetOne GT-321 Particle Counter SOP

Operation of MetOne Model 299B Laser Particle Counter SOP

Operation of NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophotometer SOP

Operation of BioRad iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader SOP

Operational Qualification for Autoclave SOP

Pipetman Challenge SOP

Pipette Performance Verification Form SOP

Pipette Performance Verification Form Pass/Fail SOP

Preparation of ES-E14TG2a (E14) Stem Cell Pluripotent Media (PPM) (with a note on the preparation of Differentiation Media) SOP

Process Controlled Fed-Batch Fermentation of Recombinant HSA Secreting Pichia pastoris SOP

Quantification of Caffeine in Coffee using HPLC SOP

SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis of GFP SOP

SDS-PAGE Protein Gel Electrophoresis SOP

Shimadzu UV-Visible Spectrophotometer SOP

Split Subculturing of C2C12 Cell Line to Setup for Differentiation SOP

Split Subculturing of C2C12 Cell Line with Trypsin SOP

Split Subculturing of CHO-KI Cell Line into a 24-well Plate SOP

Subculturing Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Line E14 (ES-E14TG2a)(ATCC CRL-1821) SOP

Tangential Flow Filtration of HSA Process SOP

tPA Activity ELISA SOP


Transfection of CHO-K Cells with pEGFP-Actin and pDsRed2-Mito SOP

Transfer of Embryoid Bodies into Gelatin-coated Plate for Differentiation With and Without Retinoic Acid SOP

Transfer of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Line E14 (ES-E14TG2a)(ATCC CRL-1821) to Non-binding Petri Plates to Form Embryoid Bodies SOP

Trypan Blue Assay for Cell Viability Determination  SOP

Tuttnauer 3850 ELV Autoclave Operation SOP

Xcell SureLock Mini-Gel Box SOP    


downstream processing,sop
Affinity Chromatography of HSA SOP

SOP from Pichia pastoris - HSA Core Production Manual  

bioman,microbiological control,sop,bioman 2013,bioman 2014,bioman 2015
API 20E Microbial Identification SOP

SOP from BIOMAN QC Microbiology workshop.

upstream processing,sop
Applikon Bioreactor Operation SOP

SOP from CHO Cell - tPA Core Production Manual 

sop,upstream processing
Applikon ez-Control Bioreactor Controller Operation

SOP developed by Montgomery County Community College   

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