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M Bryans, J Dekloe, J Carrese

Skill Standards and Curriculum for CGT Technicians

Cell-based and gene therapy products are growing and becoming a major component of the biotechnology industry. A recent initiative funded by NIIMBL brought together a collaborative of six partner institutions and their regional CGT industry partners. The goals of the WEBET project, or Workforce Expansion in Biomanufacturing Emerging Technologies, is to reseacrh the workforce needs of the sector,  identify the technical skills and knowledge needed to development, manufacture, and test these advanced therapies and finally to develop hands-on curriculum that will produce well trained graduates ready to join this important biotechnology sector. 

Industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) generated the Skill Standards for Cell and Gene Therapy Technicians. SMEs from twenty-seven companies and four academic institutions reviewed the NBC2 skill standards for traditional biomanufacturing technicians and were asked to answer the question " how do the knowledge and skills required for a CGT technician differ from those required in traditional biomanufacturing?"

The study team compiled the SME reponses to produce these Skill Standards.

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