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2017 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum

Bio-Link's annual Summer Fellows is an opportunity for biotechnology educators to gather together and learn about biotechnology education. For...

ADCs: A booming field for new cancer-fighting therapies

 Six years after the first antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) was pulled from the market, the pipeline is once again filled with an array of potent new...

Bio-Link 2016-2017 Webinar Series

Join Bio-link's webinar series to learn about Genome engineering with CRISPR-cas9, Exploring Career Opportunities in Biotechnology, 4 year...

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Bio-link Webinar Series

Bio-Link webinar series. Webinar topics include: Understanding CRISPR/Cas 9 and Genome Editing, Interactive movie dessigned for teaching concepts in...

Biogen’s Infliximab Biosimilar Approved by EU

 The European Commission (EC) granted marketing authorization in the European Union (EU) for FLIXABI ®, an infliximab biosimilar referencing Remicade...

BIOMAN Academy Provides Bioscience Career Exploration

Montgomery County Community College offers a four-day BIOMAN Academy for free to area high school students to introduce them to careers in science...

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For 10 years, NBC2 has hosted the annual BIOMAN Conference, a four-day, hands-on professional development conference covering various topics in...
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Register today!   The first of the new NBC2 mini-BIOMAN conferences is coming to Alamance Community College in Graham, North Carolina. Hosted...
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BIOMAN ACADEMIES – preparing the next generation   NBC2 will offer several BIOMAN Academies this summer for high school students entering their...
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